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India with a population of more than 1.3 billion has seen more than 25 lakh cases and 2.78 lakh deaths due to COVID-19 when we last checked. These are all numbers, but for the person whose loved one is afflicted, it has been a tough time. The infection as most of us know spreads through droplets in the air and masks, sanitation, and social distancing have been drilled across all media. Yet, the virus has gripped many individuals. The RT-PCR and the antigen are the ways to detect this as of date. Once positive, the patient is isolated and given a sliver of hope to recover. In some individuals the drop in oxygen results in a scramble for oxygen cylinders, the ICU, or the ventilator. In serious cases, steroids seem to be the primary medication. The side effects of steroids have resulted in the elevation of blood sugar and lowering of immunity resulting in a plethora of other infections. Black fungus(mucormycosis) alone accounts for more than 8000 cases as opposed to being a rare illness before COVID. Black fungus has resulted in loss of eyesight and even death in more than 95 cases. Let’s come up with solutions to tackle COVID-19 together.

The COVACKATHON is an online hackathon spread over 72 hours split across two weekends. This hackathon is not only a standalone event and participants have to think of actually going on to make a product and deliver it to market, post the hackathon in the incubation phase. The software challenges can be completed reasonably online, the hardware challenges would require the design, the drawings, the simulations to be demonstrated. The selected teams after the hackathon will be incubated by us and will get the opportunity to build their prototype, field test, assess the business viability, and eventually deploy the products. This has to be achieved in a short time span such that we can make a difference to humanity by easing their pain and providing hope for a better world post COVID.

Live Stream – Covackathon 2021 Valedictory Event

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